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The Journey

Hello my name is Heather  and I am a Registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner,  Welcome to my Website. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been practiced for over 2000 years . It is based on the body's vital energy or Qi, it  flows thru the channels or meridians of our bodies ,and when the flow of qi is disrupted ,this is when illness and disease begins!

My journey began many years ago when I was a child ,my mother hurt her neck and shoulder and western medicine could not help her, so she decided  to take a more natural approach in  healing and found a Dr. Wong at the time was practicing  at the VG Hospital with acupuncture ,so  every week for 12 weeks I went with my mother to observe her being needled and wires were being attached to some to stimulate  the area where she was injured.  That's when at10 years of age it fascinated me these tiny little needles was helping my mother to feel better ,and indeed it cured her pain and to this day she hasn't had a problem in that area. 

As years went by I did join the Western world in Health as a Dental Assistant ,in which I worked for over 25 years ,and during that time  from wear and tear of my body I too injured my shoulder and turned to acupuncture to heal it . Over the years I used acupuncture to help me thru grief/ fatigue etc.   My biggest and most successful journey in using TCM and Acupuncture was with my journey thru Breast Cancer ,after my treatments , I  remember asking my Oncologist ,ok so what now?, he told me your done and basically that's where it ends right here. Anybody that has gone thru treatments knows your body has a ton of work to do ,to feel healthy again!   So I realized right then  the  limitations of Western medicine and the importance of taking a more integrative approach to health and wellness was going to be my Journey to Wellness!  So what do I do , go back to school to study Chinese medicine and acupuncture while I get treated for 3 solid years (note : most ppl just go get acupuncture lol!), and also gain so much knowledge to boot , my goal after 3 years was to dedicate the rest of my life to people that want to heal and help their journey whether it  be Cancer, injury , wellness and immunity with  a more holistic approach and get to the root of the problem Thru Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. So here I am Ready to help you !

Contact me to book

4909 Three Fathom Harbour Rd,  NS, B0J 2L0 ,Canada

902 402 9382

Thank you!

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